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The purpose of the R&D work of Metropolitan University College is to improve the knowledge base underpinning the study programmes. The projects run by the R&D units are designed to improve the flow of knowledge between research, education and practice.

Our ambition is to make the knowledge base for our programmes even stronger. Our R&D projects face the challenges confronting society in areas where the professionals that we train play an important role.  They are usually joint projects involving practitioners and research institutions.

The idea is to generate knowledge for use in study programmes and help teachers enhance their R&D skills. Sustained production of relevant knowledge, combined with increasing teacher involvement in R&D, facilitates the development of programmes with an even stronger knowledge base.

In other words, R&D at Metropolitan University College is based on real-life, professional practice as well as the needs of the study programmes.

Close links between research and study programmes

The departments comprise the formal framework for R&D work at Metropolitan University College. The purpose of integrating R&D into the work of the departments is to improve the flow of knowledge between research, education and practice and to make R&D activities relevant to the programmes’ knowledge needs.

Research and development at Metropolitan University College

The research and development work of Metropolitan University College revolves around its core areas.
You can read more about specific research projects, and how we interact with practitioners to develop the professions, under the various R&D environments, below.


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