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Information on The Education Committee for the Bachelor's Degree Programme in Global Nutrition and Health.

The Education Committee of the Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health (GNH) is a collaboration with peer educational institutions, job market and work placement hosts.

The goal is to inform and establish a dialog with peers, relevant organisations and employers in order to fine tune our education and keep it up to date. The Education Committee meets four times a year.

​Read the rules of procedure here

Public sector employers
Appointed by Danish Regions (external spokesperson)
Bente Kirkeskov Nielsen, Education Coordinator at Bispebjerg Hospital

Appointed by Kommunekontaktråd Hovedstaden
Gitte Bloch Hansen, Internship Coordinator, Health and Care Administration, City of Copenhagen Government

Private sector employers/internship organisations
Appointed by smaller private company
Katrine Terkelsen Roelsgaard, Partner, Frugtformidlingen

Appointed by larger private company
Søren Ejlersen, Deputy Chairman, Årstiderne

Appointed by private food retailer
Nina Sindballe-Lauritsen, Project Manager, Meyers Madhus

Private sector organisations
Appointed by Danish Agriculture & Food Council or Økologisk Landsforening
Line Damsgaard, Nutrition Manager, Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Appointed by Confederation of Danish Industry-Danish Food and Drink Federation
Linda Lund Tietze, Scientific Adviser Infant Nutrition, Nestlé

Appointed by Danish Facility Management Netværk

Trade Union organisations

Appointed by the Danish Diet & Nutrition Association
Alice Linning, Regional Chairman for the Danish Diet & Nutrition Association

Consumer Organisations
Appointed by the Danish Consumer Council
Sofie Søndergaard Risborg, Project Manager, Danish Consumer Council

Secondary Schools
Appointed by Copenhagen International School
Charlotte Zeeberg, School Nurse, Copenhagen International School

Universities/research institutions

Appointed by Aalborg University
Mette Weinreich Hansen, Associate Professor, Department of Planning AAU

Appointed by Roskilde University
Jens Kofod, Team Leader, Research Service, Roskilde University

Appointed by the Steno Diabetes Center
Charlotte Demant Klinker, Researcher, Steno Diabetes Center

Appointed by Employees
Pernille Malberg Dyg, Associate Professor, GNH

Lasse Kristian Suhr, Associate Professor, ESU

Appointed by students
Ann-Sofie Stauby, ESU Student

Louise Leerskov Madsen, ESU student

Marlene Salmansen, GNH student

Emilie Aamann Yde-Andersen, GNH student

Appointed by the Committee
Cecilie Sveistrup, Head of Programme, GNH, committee leader

Rikke Ellekilde Kofoed Larsen, Acting Head of Programme, ESU (Health Promotion & Dietetics)

Svend Skafte Overgaard, Acting Head of Programme, ESU (Food & Management)


Committee Secretary: Berit Jelsbak Mortensen, Special Consultant, Research & Development, ESU


Agenda and minutes November 27.

Agenda and Minutes September 21.

Agenda and minutes February 9.


Agenda and minutes September 8.

Agenda and minutes April 12.


Agenda and minutes November 2.

Agenda and minutes September 16

Minutes March 26.

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