Check In: Introduction and Welcome WeekCheck In: Introduction and Welcome Week

Each semester starts off with the "Introduction and Welcome Week" for all exchange students. The event(s) takes place in week 5 and 34.

The week before semester start, the International Department organises an Introduction and Welcome Week for all exchange students. The Welcome Week consists of a mix of official and social events, including help with the all RED TAPE activities, which need to be taking care of prior to semester start.

Welcome week

All exchange students are expected to attend this week. 

If you are unable to attend the Introduction and Welcome Week, you will have to make an appointment prior to arrival in Denmark. You make the appointment with your local international coordinator and the International Department to check in immediately after arrival, as you are required to formally check in at the International Department (room A119) at Tagensvej 86, 2200 Copenhagen N.

See the schedule for the Introduction and Welcome Week (pdf).

The Introduction and Welcome Week is organised as an interdisciplinary course. The course provides a solid foundation for understanding your own studies and profession in a Danish context. During the course, you will be introduced to ways of studying and different learning tools used at University College Copenhagen.

The theoretical content consists of extracts from the general curriculum from the basic Danish programmes, revolving around the evolution of the Danish model within social work, nutrition and health care, Danish culture and intercultural communication. 

​You can read about a class during Introduction and Welcome Week labelled "Cultural Encounters" or how the Danish culinary culture is explored during the week: Introduction Week: Summer, Smørrebrød, and International Students

During the week, you will also get the chance to order a number of practicalities: EU residence permit, CPR-number, health card, and - importantly - get to know other students.

Students within Healthcare who are doing an internship and are going into clinical practice will have their MRSA test checked. They also have to participate in an obligatory workshop ensuring their competences in Hand hygiene, Firefighting, Heart Lung Resuscitation before going into placements in hospitals or homecare sector.

If your own institution needs proof of your arrival, please bring the documents to the International Department where we will sign and stamp as needed.

The study load is recognized and equivalent to 40 study hours 

Danish Language Course

Want to improve your language skills? Want to get a better understanding of Danish concepts like "hygge"? Then sign up for a language course! You can also read about Portuguese exchange student, Claudia Faria and her experiences with Danish language courses.