Learning and training agreementsLearning and training agreements

Send your Learning Agreement for Traineeships or Learning Agreement for Studies

To complete your Learning agreement for  traineeships/studies, you must have the following information ready:

  • Contact information for ‘contact person’ (administrative) of sending institution
  • List (A) of educational components equivalent of min. 30 ECTS per semester or 15 ECTS per trimester + list (B) of what components they replace
  • Be aware that you must qualify for English level B2 
  • Contact information for ‘responsible person’ (an academic with authority to approve learning agreements).
  • Signature by ‘responsible persons’ from both sending and receiving institution + yourself are required.

If you are doing an internship/clinical placement you need a Learning Agreement for Traineeships, and if you are only going to study you need a Learning Agreement for Studies. However, there are different learning agreements depending on whether you applying for exchange through Erasmus+, Nordplus or other bilateral agreements.

Find your learning/training agreement below.

Erasmus training agreement

Erasmus learning agreement


​It is important that you send your Learning Agreement for Traineeships/Studies to the International Department, immediately after completing the online application