Modules in EnglishModules in English

Metropolitan University College offers a variety of English modules for exchange students and a full degree programme in Global Nutrition and Health.

Many of our programmes have a variety of different electives - monoprofessional as well as a wide range of interprofessional modules. The modules may be mutually combined or combined with an internship in a practice or clinical placement. 

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Some programmes offer to prepare an individual Learning Agreement. This has to be negotiated with the international coordinator at the programme.

Scandinavian students

Scandinavian students may have the opportunity to follow the modules offered in the Danish programmes. This has to be negotiated with the international coordinator at the programme. For more information regarding Danish modules go to Uddannelser.

Introduction and Welcome Week, 1.5 ECTS

Each semester starts off with a mutual introduction and Welcome Week for all exchange students. The event takes place in the week leading up to study start, and all exchange students are expected to attend even if the week is not included in the Learning or Training Agreement. The Introduction and Welcome Week is organised as an interdisciplinary course revolving around the evolution of the Danish social model, Danish culture and intercultural communication. The course introduces you to ways of studying in Denmark and, importantly, you get to know the other students.

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More information

  • Semester starts
    Metropol expect students to participate in Introduction and Welcome Week
    Introduction and Welcome Week
    All programmes - except Teacher programme

    Ordinary semester starts and ends 
    All programmes - except Teacher programme

    Teacher programme

    Ordinary semester starts and ends 

    Autumn 2017 21st – 25th August
    28th  August 2017 – 31st January 2018
    14th August – 31st January 2018


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