Scholarship for highly qualified students

In association with the Danish government, Metropolitan University College each year offers a very limited number of scholarships to highly qualified students from countries outside the EU and EEA. These scholarships can be awarded to full professional bachelor degree programmes or parts thereof. Please read more about application procedures here (pdf)

Postgraduate Studies and Diploma Degrees

We offer a range of opportunities for further specialisation through postgraduate studies.

More information

  • General information about degree programmes

    All  study programmes of Metropolitan University College feature dynamic interplay between theory and practice. During the programmes, students receive research- and development-based teaching related to professional practice and complete one or more internships (totalling 5–12 months) in their field of study in the public and/or private sector.

    Higher education in Denmark is usually provided free of charge for all EU/EEA students and for students who are participating in an exchange programme. All other students have to pay a tuition fee. Metropolitan offers a few scholarships to very highly qualified students.

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    The International Department

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