Chemical and Biotechnical ScienceChemical and Biotechnical Science

Academy profession programme: Analysing the world under the lens of a microscope

Modules in English: No

Quick facts

  • Level: Academy Profession Programme
  • Duration: 2½ years
  • ECTS: 150
  • Number of students: 380
  • Annual intake: 155 students
  • Number of employees: 32         
  • Primary language: Danish

Whenever you drink a glass of milk, eat a tub of yoghurt, turn on your computer, smear sunscreen lotion on your body or paint a wall, you are using products that, at one point or other, have been examined by a chemical and biotechnical technologist.

Many of the areas in which the chemical and biotechnical technologist have emerged are placed high on the media's agenda: think about salmonella, DNA analyses and genetic engineering.

Thereby chemical and biotechnical technologists have the opportunity of being employed in a field that is under rapid development, completing significant tasks in the laboratories of companies as well as public institutions. Common to all jobs accessible to the chemical and biotechnical technologist, is that his/her professional endeavours will often be crucial in order to reach a high-quality solution to a problem.

The programme allows for students to look into the incredible world unfolding under the lens of a microscope. Here, one finds out that the microscopic world is by no means small.