Teacher EducationTeacher Education

A medium-cycle higher education programme consisting of profession- and development-oriented teaching.

Modules in English for exchange students

Quick facts

  • Level: Bachelor’s Degree Programme
  • Duration: 4 years 
  • ECTS: 240
  • Primary language: Danish
  • Number of students: 1262
  • Number of employees: 92

High Demands

If you want to become a teacher, you have to be skilful and knowledgeable within your subject area, authoritative, empathetic and compassionate in your actions and most importantly wanting to see others succeed. 

The Teacher Education Programme at Metropolitan University College has high demands for its students, and students are expected to make the same high demands to their courses and the programme in general. The Teacher Education Programme is a full-time study program requiring significant commitment and active participation in the many aspects of student life.

A Creative and Free Programme

The Department of Education is not offering a one-size-fits-all teacher education, but prioritises giving our students the choice to create a unique education profile, via their academic choice and individual combination of modules.

We approach student activities both creatively and experimentally, ensuring that students acquire tools to legitimise their professional practice – knowledge that works – and develop the ability to challenge customary conceptions and norms within the public school system – knowledge that challenges.

Leading Learning Communities

In order to become a professional teacher, a great amount of personal integrity, as well as the desire to actively participate in the development of a democratic society is required. Students are expected to demonstrate independence and possess a pronounced ability and desire to collaborate Therefore there is a strong emphasis on working with the students’ relational competencies, as well as their abilities to lead learning communities

This is how students are trained to act authoritatively, empathetically and compassionately.