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The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Education is a 4-year professional education programme.

The B. Ed. Program is a 4-year professional teacher education programme. The objective of the B. Ed. Programme is to educate teachers for the primary and lower secondary school and the programme aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to function as academically, didactically and pedagogically competent teachers in the Danish school system (Folkeskolen).

The programme provides a general qualification for teaching in the primary and lower secondary school. However from 2020, the goal is for the teachers to teach their main subjects only.

To the greatest possible extent, the teaching of the programme should include the results of national and international research and experimental and innovative work relevant to the teaching profession and suited to contributing to the development and application of new professional knowledge.

The Teacher Education is a four year programme, corresponding to 240 points in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS points). A student’s fulltime work for one year corresponds to 60 ECTS points.

The programme consists of the following four main elements:

  • The teacher’s foundational competencies
  • Main subjects
  • Teaching practice
  • Bachelor of Education Project

The program consists of the following four main elements:

  • The teacher’s foundational competences
    ‘The teacher’s foundational competencies’ is subdivided into two clusters: ‘Pedagogy and the teaching profession’ and ‘general education’.

    ‘Pedagogy and the teaching profession’ prepares the student for developing the fundamental teaching competences needed to ensure the pupils’ learning, development and well-being.

    ‘General education’ prepares the student for implementing the mission statement of the Danish school system: To develop professional ethics and to deal with complex challenges within the teaching profession in the context of cultural, value-based and religious pluralism.
  • Main Subjects
    The main subjects provide the student with subject-specific knowledge and skills. They constitute the students' primary areas of teaching competence in relation to the Danish schools.

    The student is expected to qualify to teach at least two main subjects, with three main subjects being the norm. All main subjects in the teacher education programme correspond directly to the core subjects taught in Danish schools.
  • Teaching Practice
    The main objective of the teaching practice is to strengthen the student’s understanding of and ability to link theory and practice, and for the student to acquire theoretically-based practical skills with the purpose of preparing, implementing, evaluating and developing their teaching. The teaching practice also aims to develop the student’s proficiency in interacting with parents, teachers and other professional partners.

    During teaching practice, the student teaches children and participates in other teacher tasks at a primary and/or lower secondary school, under the guidance of one or more teaching practice tutors.
  • Bachelor's project
    The Bachelor of Education Project tests the student’s ability to independently research, investigate, develop and communicate as the basis for professional analysis, evaluation, and action-oriented reflection on tasks and challenges within the teaching profession.

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