Nutrition and HealthNutrition and Health

Training and specialising students in the field of nutrition, food, health and physical activity

Modules in English for exchange students

Quick facts

  • Level: Bachelor’s Degree Programme
  • Duration: 3½ years
  • ECTS: 210
  • Number of students: Approx. 724
  • Number of employees: 41
  • Primary language: Danish           

In this degree programme, students work with nutrition and health from different perspectives. Food is not only examined with a focus on e.g. fat, vitamin and mineral content, but also its function and significance is studied in a number of cultural, social, familial, educational and work-related contexts.

Three specialisations are offered in this programme:

  • Health promotion, prevention and communication: In this specialisation, students become skilled at disseminating information, performing dietary counselling, and developing exercise programmes adapted to a given target group, such as pregnant women or the elderly.
  • Management, food and service: In this specialisation, students can help create a better life for individuals and improve society as a whole through working with "food for many" concepts, innovation, management and communication. 
  • Clinical dietetics: In this specialisation, students will be working with nutrition in relation to citizens with special dietary needs. With the individual patient’s lifestyle and living conditions as point of departure, students become skillful in communication and counselling.

Studying nutrition and health is not only about having one’s head in the books. Teaching will be conducted, among other places, in kitchens and gymnasiums. Moreover, several internship periods ensure that students get to test and practice their acquired knowledge.