Chemical and Biotechnical TechnologyChemical and Biotechnical Technology

Bachelor's degree programme building on Chemical and Biotechnical Science

Modules in English: No

Quick facts

  • Level: Bachelor's Degree Programme
  • Duration: 1 ½ years
  • ECTS: 90
  • Number of students: 15-20
  • Annual intake: 10-15
  • Primary language: Danish

Students learn to reflect systematically and manage tasks independently across the organisation. As a professional bachelor, you play an important role in connection with planning, coordination, development, collaboration and project management.

Graduates work in the convergent field between the laboratory and the rest of the organisation and are able to participate in problem solving concerning quality assurance, working environment, LEAN, development, implementation of new practices and surveillance of analytical data.

Students achieve a level of expertise which enables them to confer with academic staff on converting technical research and technical knowledge into practical usage. This includes planning experiments in ways that transfer analytical work into the highest degree of knowledge possible.

The future workplaces of students are usually located within research and development, typically in the pharmaceutical industry, at biotechnology companies, and at universities. In such workplaces, graduates' ability to critically acquire new knowledge, combined with practical experience, is highly appreciated.