Training students to treat the ill and help the healthy to stay active

Modules in English for exchange students

Quick facts

  • Level: Bachelor's Degree Programme
  • Duration: 3½ years 
  • ECTS: 210 - 168 credits of theoretical education; 42 credits of clinical education
  • Number of students: 730
  • Number of employees: 39
  • Primary language: Danish

The physiotherapist comes into close contact with many people, physically as well as mentally. The physiotherapist examines, treats, retrains and advises patients. Most often, patients are in pain and experience that they are not able to move the way the used to. A patient might have fractured his or her leg, which of course hurts, and is unable to use it as usual. Health-promoting and preventive treatments are part of the physiotherapist’s field of work. 

The work of the physiotherapist is based on the notion that body and mind are closely connected, and influenced by our surroundings. 

Many career opportunities are available to the physiotherapist; one can choose to specifically work with youngsters or seniors, to offer emergency treatments or to work with patients for longer periods of time, to practice in the private or public sector, or in hospitals. 

It’s great to see the beneficial effects of the training and how far the patients can go even though they aren’t 20 years old anymore.

Malene Nybo Andersen, physiotherapist