Modules in EnglishModules in English

Modules in English for exchange students

  • Monoprofessional modules in English: No
  • Interprofessional modules in English: No
  • Internships in English: Yes - Physiotherapy offers individually organised internships in different placements. This has to be negotiated with the international coordinator at the programme
  • Extracurricular activities: Yes - Danish Language Course

You can see the modules in English for Midwifery below. The modules may be mutually combined or combined with an internship.

February-April April-June
Year 1

Year 2  Module 5
  Module 5

Year 3 


Year 4


Interprofessional Modules in English

  • Maternal and Child health, 15 ECTS

    Maternal and Child health is one of two 10-week interprofessional modules in English offered by Metropolitan University College. The participating degree programmes are:

    • Global Nutrition and Health
    • Midwifery
    • Nursing
    • Nutrition and Health
    • Physiotherapy
    • Social Work

    The course will focus on how to collaborate with other professions to improve the health of mothers and children around the world. You must learn from, with and of each other.

    For more information see the module description (pdf).

  • Intercultural Health Care and Welfare

    The course Intercultural Health Care and Welfare runs two times each semester and you can follow it on every module. The participating degree programmes are:

    • Biomedical Laboratory Science
    • Midwifery
    • Nursing
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Radiography

    The course consists of weekly themes which are explored in depth. These themes include drug use in Denmark, communication and sexuality, old age and identity, the meaning of food and meals in everyday life for overweight people, among others. 

    The academic content isn’t the only important part of this course - the social aspects of being an exchange student in Copenhagen are also explored.

    For more information see the module description (pdf).

Introduction and Welcome Week

Each semester starts off with a mutual introduction and Welcome Week for all exchange students. The event takes place in the week leading up to study start, and all exchange students are expected to attend, even if the week is not included in the Learning or Training Agreement.

Participation is recognised with 1.5 ECTS

Read more about the Introduction and Welcome Week.


All students within this programme, doing an exchange, must present proof of a negative MRSA test result prior to clinical training or working in a clinical setting in Denmark. Get further information about MRSA (pdf).

Scandinavian Students

Scandinavian students may have the opportunity to follow the modules offered in the Danish programme. This has to be negotiated with the international coordinator at the programme. For more information regarding Danish modules go to Fysioterapeut.


International coordinator: Lif Larsen

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