Public AdministrationPublic Administration

Core employees in public administration and task management

Modules in English: No

Quick facts

  • Graduate title: Bachelor of Public Administration
  • Level: Bachelor’s Degree Programme
  • Duration: 3 ½ years 
  • ECTS: 210 
  • Number of students: 400
  • Number of employees: 66
  • Primary language: Danish

Public Administration is for those who wish to define their own role in society and challenge themselves professionally in the Denmark of the future.  

Students are trained to partake as core employees in public administration and task management. Graduates are qualified to handle complexity - both professionally and theoretically - in the varied tasks and challenges that the public sector offers.

Bachelors of Public Administration solve administrative tasks, develop and analyse new opportunities, and make important decisions in the public sector. The work opens doors for specialisation in various parts of the public administrative field. Typical workplaces for graduates include municipal, regional and state levels of government.