About the programmeAbout the programme

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Radiography is a 3½-year professional bachelor education.

The programme consists of 14 modules, eight of which are basic modules. After completing the basic modules, students will specialise in either Radiological Imaging, Nuclear Medicine Imaging or Radiotherapy. 

The programme blends theoretical and clinical training and instruction, the theoretical lessons being slightly predominant, however this varies from specialisation to specialisation. For the most part, the theoretical lessons are conducted at Metropolitan University College, but may also take place in clinical departments. 

Clinical lessons are carried out in radiological imaging departments, clinical physiology and nuclear medicine departments, radio-therapeutic departments, and to a very limited extent also in other hospital departments. The clinical departments are located in the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand. 

The interdisciplinary module 5 and the four-week elective ”Digital Imaging; Advanced Level" are offered in English. Read more about the modules in English at Radiography.

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