International activitiesInternational activities

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Radiography maintains a long tradition of cooperation with other degree programmes in Radiography – in Scandinavia through Nordplus and in Europe through Erasmus.

Students intern in other countries and we receive students from all of Europe for internships at the hospitals we cooperate with. The countries we predominantly cooperate with are Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, England, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Portugal. Our students also have the opportunity to plan stays abroad outside of our partner arrangements, and likewise we receive students from countries outside of our regular partner arrangements. Moreover, teachers at the programme go on exchange stays abroad and we also receive educators from our partner countries. 

We offer an elective module in English every September called "Digital Imaging; Advanced Level” which is conducted in cooperation with our Erasmus partners from Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The course consists of four weeks of theory and eight weeks of clinical training. Students from outside the network are also welcome to register for the module.

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Radiography is active in the Erasmus programme and the Nordplus network called Norad.

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