Social WorkSocial Work

Qualifying graduates for a wide range of jobs within social work in a modern welfare state

Modules in English for exchange students

Quick facts

  • Level: Bachelor's Degree Programme
  • Duration: 3½ years 
  • ECTS: 210 
  • Number of students: 1400 
  • Number of employees: 80 
  • Primary language: Danish

Metropolitan University College has three specialisations that mould the general competence profile in a particular direction:

  • The classic social-work specialisation (in Copenhagen and Bornholm)
  • The intercultural/international specialisation (in Copenhagen)
  • The social work and social pedagogy specialisation (in Hillerød)

The programme benefits from the socially and culturally diverse nature of the local population and proximity to a wide range of institutions and key stakeholders in the social sector.

The programme is full-time and requires attendance and active participation. Work is done on a broad spectrum of different types of teaching and study activities, some of which are student-initiated. The research- and development-base for the programme is supported by linking programme activities and development to the department's research programmes. The links to practice are supported by field trips, external and guest teachers, case studies and simulations and by profession-based exercises and assignments, etc.

In addition to exams on each module, the programme includes a range of compulsory elements and assignments designed to enhance the students' professional competences.

The core areas of knowledge recur in all of the parts of the programme and the interdisciplinary aspects of training and practice in the social-work profession. Knowledge of and insight into a range of disciplines is a prerequisite for reflecting on and acting professionally at the intersection between clients’ social and employment problems and rights and society’s demands and expectations. Knowledge, skills and competences related to social-work practice, input from employers’ associations and the latest research are incorporated into all core areas.