Reducing health inequalities Reducing health inequalities

A pilot project to assess health inequalities related to eating, drinking and physical activity patterns in EU; and gather evidence for effective actions to address multiple risk factors across the social gradient.

The UK Health Forum (UKHF) established a health inequalities consortium, funded by EU´s DG Santé for 3 years. Along with gathering evidence for effective actions to address individual and multiple risk factors across the social gradient, there is a need to develop a range of case studies to demonstrate and evaluate effective action. Policy and advocacy skills combined with excellent resource sharing will help translate knowledge into policy and practice and ensure coherence with EU, WHO, OECD. Aileen Robertson from GNH Metropol is lead for health inequalities in women and children.

About the project and results

Full title of the project: Pilot project related to reducing health inequalities: building expertise and evaluation of actions

Deliverable 1: Scientific reports: literature and policy reviews and the identification of best practices.  
The deliverable includes two detailed scientific reports covering an update of the scientific evidence on the status of health inequalities in the European Union, focusing on inequalities in health determinants related to:

  1. Nutrition and physical activity 
  2. Alcohol consumption. 

A literature review of the impact and efficiency of policies and actions on health inequalities related to the above-mentioned determinants, including a review on economic/societal burden of diseases and effectiveness and efficiency of interventions in terms of reducing inequalities; as well as the existing behavioural economics literature. A good practice inventory based on a collection of the latest best practices focusing on the equity impacts of various policy options will be created and will also consider the costs and benefits of evaluated policies and actions. 

For the report on nutrition and physical activity across all 28 EU countries the following will be investigated - Socio-economic status and:

  • exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months
  • childhood obesity at different ages 
  • adult obesity
  • salt consumption 
  • trans fats consumption 
  • sugar-sweetened beverage consumption 
  • fruit and vegetable consumption 
  • physical (in)activity 
  • access to green spaces
  • active travel (walking and cycling) 

Along with geographic indicators of deprivation and:
  •  adult & childhood obesity; physical (in)activity and traffic speed (and traffic calming measures).


Steering group:

The steering group which will engage every two-months by tele-conference, which the EC will be invited to observe. This mechanism will ensure progress, assure quality, and seek solutions to any challenges encountered:

  • Chris Brookes, UKHF Health inequalities lead
  • Jane Landon, UKHF Policy head
  • Professor Peter Goldblatt, Deputy Director,  Institute for Health Equity, UK Health inequalities and data lead
  • Dr Tim Lobstein, World Obesity Forum, UK, Nutrition and health inequalities lead
  • Dr Aileen Robertson, GNH, Metropol, DK, Mother and child and health inequalities lead
  • Dr Harry Rutter, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, Physical activity and health inequalities lead
  • Professor Mark Bellis, Director of Centre for Public Health, Liverpool John Moores University and the North West Public Health Observatory, the lead UK observatory for public health intelligence on violence, alcohol and drugs. 

Advisory group: 

  • Professor Anton Kunst, professor of Social Epidemiology at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Medicine. 
  • Eddy K. A. van Doorslaer, Health Economist, Institute of Health Policy and Management, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Professor Tom Van Ourti, Health Economist, Dept of Applied Economics, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
  • Professor dr Mai Chin A Paw, PhD, University Research Chair, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam.


17 December 2015 – 17 December 2018

research and development environment and institute

Global Nutrition and Health at Institute for Nutrition and Midwifery.

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