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A research of what impact home economic lessons have on food literacy, ‘maddannelse’ and cooking competencies

In the modern food system it has become opaque, how our food has been produced; therefore we need to be food literate (‘maddannede’) to make the right food choices, health-wise and otherwise. This research is novel in that little research have been done on what impact home economics lessons may have on children’s food literacy in the shorter and longer perspective.


About the project and results

The project is divided in two work packages both using qualitative methods – addressing the shorter and longer perspective respectively:

  1. The first package will take place in 5 schools and target children in 6th grade having home economic lessons. The impact of the lessons will be analysed as an interaction between school and home. Learning within the home economics lessons will be research via observations and interviews. Information about child and family shopping, cooking and eating practices will be obtained through interviews and observations.
  2. The second package addressing the longer term impact of home economics lessons on food literacy will use life course interviews of young adults. 


Practical research partners will be five schools in geographically and socially diverse areas of Denmark. Anticipated university research partners will include one Danish and one Scandinavian researcher or research environment. 


The project is in the initial phase and is planned to run for two years.

Research and Development Environment and institute

Global Nutrition and Health, Department for Nutrition and Midwifery.


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