Internship ExamplesInternship Examples

So far students have been on internships in more than 17 different countries. See some examples below.

  • Developing an action plan on Indian Agriculture, Achiever`s Resources Private Ltd., Delhi, India
  • Health promotion projects at Dept. Biosciences and Nutrition, Karolinska Instituttet, Sweden, Stockholm
  • Effects of the financial crisis on food security at household level, FAO, Cambodia
  • Evaluation and Comparison of the present food and nutritional labeling regulation of Iran, with those of Nordic European countries and the USA, Iranian Nutrition Society, Iran
  • Health and Nutrition programme for children in Danish Red Cross Asylum Department, Center for unaccompanied minors, Gribskov, Denmark.
  • Food safety and security in the Danish Restaurant Jensen’s Bøfhus, Denmark
  • Activities of National Food & Nutrition Commission, Zambia
  • Importance of school children having breakfast, Dept. of Prevention, Danish Cancer Society, Denmark
  • Guidelines for canteens in high schools, Public Health Institute, Iceland
  • Health improvement for young homeless people, Aberdeen Foyer charity organisation, Scotland
  • Theory in practice: Dietary changes and lifestyle of Nepalese students studying at SUHR’S University College, Denmark
  • Policy to ensure that all children aged 0-6 year in day care are offered a healthy lunch meal, Fødevarestyrelsen, Denmark
  • Reducing the risk of poor nutrition, poor environmental and poor cultural practices in rural Ashanti region of Ghana, Divine Trust Ltd., Ghana
  • How to apply nutritional knowledge in the hospital, Shenyang Hospital for People, China
  • Developing personal training programmes, CBS Fitness Gym, Denmark
  • Evaluation of food logs, coaching and training of clients, The Rose City, Crossfit Portland Oregon, Portland
  • Health vs. Social Benefits, Kulturbroen, Miljøprojektet, Vallensbæk Kommune, Denmark
  • Rehabilitation for paralytic in hospital, ShengHe Rehabilitation Hospital in Dalian, China
  • How to combine coaching skills and practical Dalian Liao Yu Hospital, China
  • From intern to intern supervisor, from coach to coach trainer, Manning Inspire, Denmark
  • Social integration and physical activity, Aktivitetscentret Sankt Joseph, Denmark
  • How to reach your potential!, Denmark
  • Nursing homes and Nintendo Wii, open elderly homes project, Vigerslevhus, Denmark