Health Promotion in Practice - Canadian Style!Health Promotion in Practice - Canadian Style!

Jette experienced a broader perspective in health promotion and in life

By doing my work placement at the Fitness Institute in Canada, I have become much clearer about my professional future. I have learned so much about myself and my own body, and I have experienced how it is to work as a health professional outside of Denmark. The possibility to travel during your work placement is probably one of the greatest assets you get from doing a Global Bachelor. Not only has my work placement offered me the chance to experience working with health promotion in practice, but it has also made me able to look at health from a broader perspective – an experience I would never have been without!

I faced the challenges as a learning experience

The internship offered me the possibility to work with health promotion in many different ways, and increased my knowledge on how health professionals work in other countries.
The greatest thing about going to Canada is that it is a very multicultural country. Just by being in one country, you are able to learn so much about many different ethnicities and cultures
My experience in Canada has definitely taught me to be less judgemental towards other cultures, and the sense of viewing all humans as family is definitely something that I will bring with me into the future.
However, by keeping in mind that we can always learn from our mistakes, I managed to overcome my insecurities, and with assistance from my work placement counsellor, I faced the challenges as a learning experience.
The greatest challenge that I encountered during my internship was feeling insecure about my skills and competencies.

Examples of job tasks:

  • Observing/shadowing personal training sessions, physiotherapy and different teen programs and fitness classes.
  • Working with personal trainers who taught me how to develop training programs for specific individuals with specific goals.
  • Developing an educational board about functional training. This was posted in the gym where members could read and educate themselves on functional training.
  • Assisting in performing fitness assessments on the members
  • Being in charge of the info-boards at the gym
  • Administration (filing memberships, doing paperwork etc.)
  • Working closely with a yoga teacher who among others thought me different stress reducing practices and breathing techniques.
  • Preparing daily menu for the annual kids summer camp
  • Assisting on kids summer camp and teen fitness programs