Educational CouncilEducational Council

An advisory forum for the head of Global Nutrition and Health on matters relating to the education and the study environment.

Every education in the Metropolitan University College is represented in an Educational Council.
This is where the students can have an impact on their education and discuss challenges and opportunities of the programme.

The members from GNH are:

Hanna Dunning, appointed by the International Student Council
Nathali Lehmann Hirsch, appointed by GNH Alumni of Public Health Nutrition and Food Policy
Kristoffer Blomqvist, appointed by GNH Alumni of Lifestyle and Health Education
Christian Stenbak Larsen appointed by the teachers at GNH*
Charlotte Dahl, Student counsellor, appointed by Student Services

The Council meets at least 4 times a year.

Rules of Procedure for the Educational Council (pdf 97 KB)