As a student you have access to many modern facilities which provides you with the best possibilities to conduct your studies.


The Library at the Metropolitan University College gives students, teacher and external users access to a vast collection of academic literature and information both electronically and in print. The library consists of 8 academic local libraries distributed on the various locations. The local library for the Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health is placed on Sigurdsgade 26, Copenhagen. Opening hours are from Monday to Thursday from 9-16 hrs and Friday from 9-15 hrs.

Electronic papers and books

As a student at the Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health you have access to Wiley, Springer & Ebrary as well as a variety of electronic papers. Access to these is through the library homepage. The library conducts courses in how to use the databases.

IT facilities

Everywhere in the house you have access to a wireless internet connection. Printers and photo copiers are found throughout the building. All students pay a small amount for their photo copies and prints.


Most non-verbal communication with students is taking place through our intranet called Intrapol where you as a student have your own email account. On Intrapol all important information is posted regarding your study here e.g. module descriptions, literature lists, exam results etc. Here you can also find important information from the Student Counselors.


All teaching rooms are newly rebuild to accommodate all necessary modern AV-equipment and meet the need for a good study environment.


You will find student's work spaces throughout the building. These are designed for you to work either individually or in groups.  

Environmental policy

At Sigurdsgade we have a general policy to reduce environmental damages. This goes for water, heat, electricity, paper usage etc. The students are thus asked to consider the environment by saving their use of water and heat, closing the windows after classes, reuse paper for notes and remember to use the cardboard boxes for recycling.


At Sigurdsgade we have a no-smoking policy indoors and outdoor except for specifically marked outdoor areas.