Student AssociationsStudent Associations

The Student Associations give you the opportunity to gain insight into student politics and influence your study.

The Student Association

As a degree student at the Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health, you can join the Student Association (De studerendes Råd or DSR). DSR represents all students at Sigurdsgade and plays an important role in student politics. Traditionally students have a lot of influence.  

DSR is also the platform for a large number of social events and activities, student clubs and sports. DSR hosts two to three parties a year, and the parties are open to all DSR members. The student bar, ”Bunden”, is open occasionally.

International Student Council (ISC)

The International Student Council is a unit within DSR. It is a council for the international students at the Bachelor's Degree in Global Nutrition and Health. Representatives from ISC bring issues relevant for international students on the agenda in DSR meetings.