Single subject studySingle subject study

How does it work?

It is possible to follow a single module or limited parts of the Bachelor’s Degree in Global Nutrition and Health as a fee-paying student under the so-called ‘vacant seat scheme.’ This scheme is ideal for you if you are not interested in or able to enroll as a full-degree or exchange student,  but you would like to:

  • supplement your education
  • learn something new in your field of interest
  • follow a course to continue your education
Lessons are conducted during daytime hours and are part of our usual programmes. You will be studying alongside full-degree students. 

If you have questions, please contact Kristine Rømer Nielsen.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee is DKK 16,000 per module. You will be awarded a diploma upon passing the examination.


To be offered a seat, you must meet the same admission requirements as full-time degree students. This means that you must have completed an upper secondary education, a relevant vocational education or training programme, or any equivalent qualification that makes it possible for you to follow our courses. Note that it is only possible to be offered a seat on a module that is not already fully occupied by full-degree students.

More information

Which modules can I choose from at Global Nutrition and Health?

  • Modules overview
    • Module 2: 15 ECTS - Nutrition, physiology & biochemistry
    • Module 3: 15 ECTS - Quantitative approaches to diet & diseases
    • Module 4: 15 ECTS - Educational theory & planning , communication & qualitative methods
    • Module 5: LHE - 15 ECTS - Lifestyle change theories & modules
    • Module 6: LHE - 15 ECTS - Food, nutrition & physical activity from a health education perspective
    • Module 5: PHNFP - 15 ECTS - Food security & food safety
    • Module 6: PHNFP - 15 ECTS - Food & nutrition policy, consumptions & markets
    • Module 8: LHE - 15 ECTS – Food, nutrition & physical activity from a lifestyle perspective
    • Module 8: PHNFP – 15 ECTS - Sustainability, participation & environmental health
    • Module 9: 15 ECTS - Interdisciplinary module

    Learn more about the content of the modules.

How to apply

Remember to include documentation for your upper secondary (or equivalent) education.

Application deadlines

  • Fall semester: Apply by May 1
  • Spring semester: Apply by November 1

You can expect to receive a response to your application by June 30 if you have applied for a single subject in the fall semester, and in the beginning of January if you have applied for the spring semester.