Tuition Fees for Non-EU studentsTuition Fees for Non-EU students

Students from countries outside the EU are required to pay tuition fees when studying in higher education in Denmark. EU/EEA citizens are not required to pay tuition fees in Denmark.

Tuition fees for full fee paying Non-EU/EEA students

1st semester DKK 33,000
2nd semester DKK  33,000
3rd semester DKK  33,000
4th semester DKK  33,000
5th semester         DKK  33,000
6th semester     DKK  33,000
7th semester DKK  33,000
Administration fee (one-off payment)*  DKK   7,000
The whole education (3½ years + administration fee) DKK 238,000

* The administration fee + tuition fee for the first semester must be paid in full before the applicant can be granted admission.  

​Tuition fees must be paid in advance before the start of each semester

Once paid, tuition fees are non-refundable except for cases of documented illness proventing the student from participating in the semester. Please be also aware, that failure to pay tuition fees at any time during the Bachelor's Degree programme will lead to expulsion from Metropolitan University College.

Exemption from payment of tuition fee

Depending on your Residence Permit you might be exempted from paying tuition fees.


Metropolitan University College is at present unable to offer any kind of scholarships or tuition fee waivers for students.


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