Metropolitan University College host meeting in DUN TLICMetropolitan University College host meeting in DUN TLIC

On 16 November 2017, a group of educators from Metropolitan University College were gathered in the newly renovated ‘A-building’ at Campus Sigurdsgade for a workshop on “Sense of Belonging” for international students and development of strategies for future work.

DUN meeting 2017_DEC
The meeting was hosted by senior lecturer Ditte Jacobsen from the Biomedical Laboratory Science Programme at Metropol. Charlotte Kristensen, Minna Fyhn Lykke Lladó, and Rikke Juul Dalsted from Metropolitan University College also participated in the meeting. Head of the Biomedical Laboratory Science, Henrik Hansen, bid a warm welcome to colleagues from Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and University of Southern Denmark.

Workshop on international student belonging

The day was kicked off with three short presentations on how to work with ‘student belonging’ by Hanne Kristine Adriansen of Aarhus University, Rikke Juul Dalsted of Metropolitan University College, and Donna Hurford of University of Southern Denmark. The presentations were followed by discussions in small groups on possible learning benefits, possibilities for adapting good strategies, and practices to our local contexts.

Special Interest Group SIG Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom TLCI

The purpose of the network in the Special Interest Group (SIG) Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom (TLIC) is to establish a national forum for educational developers, teachers and other staff members who are committed to the internationalisation of higher education as well as international education. The network endeavours to strengthen the process of building structured knowledge and share experiences on:
•How to internationalise the curriculum
•How to work with intercultural skills among both teachers and students
•How to support university management's strategy of internationalisation and implementation of this strategy for students and teachers everyday
•Pedagogical tools for teaching mixed groups where the language of instruction is English (language, culture, and education)
The SIG network meets at least twice a year, hosted at member institutions across the country on a rotating basis. Meetings take place in Danish and English as needed.

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For more information on the special interest group under Danish Network for Educational Development in Higher Education for Teaching and Learning in the International Classroom, feel free to contact Ditte Jacobsen